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Support is just a support message away! Simplify customer interactions with Arrant Services’ Help Desk & Chat Support solutions.
Procedures for ensuring quality, improving the user experience, and enhancing customer governance.
Using best-practice service approaches like ITIL; Arrant Services provides world-class worldwide end-user enablement and support for all our services.  All users, no matter where they are or what device they’re using, can use the full range of capabilities offered by our Enterprise Service Desk, including multi-channel interactions, self-help, complete ticket management, resolutions & escalations, reporting, analytics, and insights. 

 It can be a website, or clients might be given a phone number to contact someone. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), user guides (UGs), and tutorials (TUTS), as well as support contact details, are all commonplace in the Help Center. 

With chat Support, customers may communicate with an agent through the business’s website, or a messaging app. Users can receive responses instantly through chat support instead of sitting on hold or sending an email. It streamlines and quickens the process of helping customers for companies.  

Level 1 Support from Arrant Services

Level 1 support is the initial level of assistance, where we provide the following:

● Workstation Hardware Service Management
● Managed Services Support
● Support for network connectivity
● Support for Core Applications from Microsoft, GoTo, and UCaaS
● Email Client (Outlook/Outlook Express)
● Office Standard for Microsoft

Level 2 Advanced Help

From a Level 1 expert to learn how much help was given, the nature of the problem, and the length of time the customer spent communicating with the Level 1 agent.

After exchanging information with the user, the Level 2 experts thoroughly analyze the issue and propose a remedy.

Analyst procedures include not just documenting calls but also investigating potential issues. The Level 2 analyst will use advanced troubleshooting techniques, such as connecting to the server remotely, to resolve the problem.

Level 3 SME (Subject Matter Expert) Support

Experts in specific fields are needed to provide such assistance. Experts, such as developers, programmers, and engineers, make up Level 3 support. Experts in customer service like these have complete access to sensitive data about the corporation and its products. They have answers for most of your tech-related problems.

Technicians at Level 3 support investigate user reports of issues by examining code and designs in a controlled laboratory environment. Technicians may escalate the problem to upper management for product revisions, then communicate the revised product and its fixes to Tiers 1 and 2.

If you’re looking for a company that can back up its claims with proof, go as far as Arrant Services, where a team of dedicated experts is standing by to answer any questions.

Specifications and Benefits

Our goal at Arrant Services is to enhance metrics reporting in various areas such as call queue, problem queue, and first call resolution. Our knowledge base and client-specific database make the first interaction with our service more efficient.

● 24/7/365 operational support center

● Improve the output of your employees.

● Cut down on IT expenditures.

● Adapted to the client’s setting

● Support at Levels 1, 2, and 3

● You can choose either 9–5 or 24/7.
● A look at the best IT infrastructure library

● Recurring and Budgetable Monthly Costs

● Wherever you may use your mobile device

● A capacity for internal and external app support

● Expertise in providing first-rate IT support

What our Clients have to say

We needed a reliable and responsive helpdesk and chat support solution for our e-commerce business. Arrant Services provided us with a comprehensive solution that included 24/7 support, multichannel communication options, and a team of skilled support agents. Their solution has helped us improve our customer satisfaction and reduce our support costs, and their team has been a pleasure to work with.

Jessica H.

As a growing business, we needed a scalable helpdesk and chat support solution that could adapt to our changing needs. Arrant Services provided us with a flexible solution that allowed us to easily add or remove support agents as needed. Their team of professionals worked closely with us to ensure a smooth implementation, and their ongoing support has been excellent.

David T.

Our previous helpdesk and chat support solution was not meeting our expectations in terms of response time and resolution rate. Arrant Services provided us with a tailored solution that addressed our specific pain points and helped us improve our support metrics. Their team of support agents was highly skilled and responsive, and we are very satisfied with their services.

Brian K.

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