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GotoTraining: How To Create Interactive Training Sessions

Organizational success depends on personnel training, including yours. It decreases employee turnover, enhances productivity, creates a healthy workplace atmosphere, and empowers people to perform at their best.
Similarly, Training modules should reflect your company’s brand and culture. A well-designed training module can help your company develop and compete.
This piece will discuss goto training, how it works in different organizations, and how it would be helpful for small businesses.

What is GoToTraining?

GoToTraining is a cloud-based LMS that facilitates training administration for companies of all sizes. There’s a content library, reports, analytics, user collaboration, certificate management, polling, whiteboard sharing, remote access, and more.
The software provides tools for educators to publish course catalogs, distribute course materials, and document and archive training sessions. GoToTraining allows teachers to keep tabs on their students’ exam scores, comments, and in-class activity to ensure they learn and retain the material.
Organizers can compile data on session turnout, signups, assessments, and ratings. In addition to chatting and raising their hands, participants may ask questions of the group’s members and get answers in real-time.
GoToTraining is necessary if your company is serious about enhancing its training offerings. It’s an excellent option for companies of all sizes because of its low learning curve and extensive capabilities. With GoTo Training, you can create and deliver training sessions, track attendance, and get feedback from your trainees.

GoToTraining is an online training platform that facilitates more than 700,000 events each year with more than 3 million participants. It has user-friendly features that are meant to boost your learning results. GoToMeeting, an Android app, an iOS app, 24/7 support, encrypted sessions, sketching tools, and user registration management are all part of GoTo Training.
Training and development obstacles include regional limits, increased costs, language hurdles, translation concerns, and virtual training demands. Here are some common training issues are:

  • Work overload.
  • Overwhelming content.
  • Ineffective training methods.
  • Different learner preferences and learning speeds.
  • Digital transformation.
  • Costly training expenses.
  • Geographic limitations.
  • Negative company culture.

How to use GoToTraining for remote training and education

Remote training is simple nowadays. Several companies utilize GoToTraining because it is easy to use and effective.

To use GoToTraining for remote training and education, you can follow these steps:

  • Sign up for GoTo Training and create your account.
  • Schedule your training session and invite attendees.
  • Share your screen and presentation with attendees.
  • Use the drawing tools to highlight important points.
  • Use the chat feature to answer questions and interact with attendees.
  • Use the polls and tests feature to assess attendees’ understanding.
  • Use the breakout group collaboration feature to encourage teamwork.
  • Use the certificates feature to reward attendees for their participation.

What are the benefits of using GoToTraining?

GoTo Training provides all the tools to create, host, and disseminate interactive online training. It’s important to know who you’ll be teaching and how best to prepare them for the training ahead of time. some benefits are listed below.

  1. Web-based and with Control Panel client apps for Mac and Windows.
  2. Designed for remote and hybrid learning deployment.
  3. Video conferencing, text, audio messaging, and email are standard GoTo collaboration capabilities that make participation and exchange easier.
  4. Everything you need to plan, host, and share engaging virtual training.
  5. Email invitations to spread the word and share customer invitations through email and social media.
  6. Custom registration forms to understand your audience and prepare them to maximize their training.
  7. Polls, tests, and evaluations to assess attendees’ understanding.
  8. Attendees will get access to a library and training tools to help them succeed.


In conclusion, GoToTraining is an excellent tool for businesses that want to improve their training programs. It is easy to use and has many features, making it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes1. GoTo Training is worth checking out if you want online training software.
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